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America250 Collaborates with Mountain Laurel Catering

This past Tuesday, America250 invited Mountain Laurel Catering to create and execute a menu that aligns with their vision - “The shared experiences of America250 will have ignited our imaginations, elevated our diverse stories, inspired service in our communities, and demonstrated the lasting durability of the American project.”

As a company, Mountain Laurel Catering strives to support local farmers and utilize fresh ingredients from our Central PA community. The collaboration between America250 and Mountain Laurel Catering and Events was a perfect fit. We sourced a number of local ingredients and got to work on creating a fun and creative menu.

"There’s something almost magical that happens when you buy directly from a farmer. Going to the farm, meeting the farmer, seeing the hands that grew your food. It makes me feel small, but more dramatically apart of our breathing earth, connected to its soil, and at the mercy of the suns warmth. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this passion with America250 PA’s organizers -and guests." - Chef Pat Combs

The Ingredients

~ Peach | Paulus Mt. Airy Orchard, Dillsburg, PA

~ Rosemary | Paulus Mt. Airy Orchard, Dillsburg, PA

~ Elderberry | Paulus Mt. Airy Orchard, Dillsburg, PA

~ Honey | Paulus Mt. Airy Orchard, Dillsburg, PA

~ Elderberry | Paulus Mt. Airy Orchard, Dillsburg, PA

~ Pumpkin | Strites’ Orchard, Harrisburg, PA

~ Apples | Strites’ Orchard, Harrisburg, PA

~ Apple Cider | Strites’ Orchard, Harrisburg

~ Milk | Hy-Point Dairy, Willington, DE & Apple Valley Creamery, East Berlin, PA

~ Pure Maple Syrup | Emerick’s Maple Syrup, Hyndman, PA

~ Heirloom Tomatoes | Cedar Meadow Farm, Holtwood, PA

~ Sweet Corn | Cassaday Farm, Monroeville, NJ

~ Troegenator Double Bock | Tröegs Independent Brewing, Hershey, PA

~ Cheese | Caputo Brothers Creamery, Spring Grove, PA

~ Royal Trumpet Mushrooms | Masio Cutone Farms, Avondale, PA

~ Bison Brisket | The Bison Farm, Mt Wolf, PA

~ Fresh Roasted Coffee Bean | Lonely Monk Coffees, Lemoyne, PA

Sourcing the Freshest Ingredients Locally

Paulus Mt. Airy Orchards - Located in Dillsburg, PA, Paulus’ has been farming more than 150 acres of fruit trees since 1999. With a focus on family fun and community events, Paulus’ continues to draw guests from every background across Central PA to their farm.

Strites Orchard - Though the original market was opened in 1950, the Strite family has been farming in the Harrisburg area since 1843. Passed down through the family, the farm has been expanded to over 300 acres. Strites Orchard provides fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants as well as educational resources about growing your own fruits and veggies.

Hy-Point Dairy - “From our family to yours - A family tradition since 1919”. This says it all. With over 102 years in business, Hy-Point has been creating all different types of cheeses, milks, butters, and more. Hy-point is the last remaining dairy farm in the area from the 200+ that were in business at the time they started.

Apple Valley Creamery - Apple Valley Creamery is a small dairy farm and creamery located just outside of East Berlin, Pennsylvania. This farm has been in the Stoner family since 1928 and remains a family run operation to this day.

Emerick’s Maple Syrup - This family run business is on the third generation of maple syrup producers. Providing 100% pure and natural maple products directly from their farm with the largest number of maple trees in PA.

Cedar Meadow Farm - 25 years ago, Cedar Meadow Farm began using innovative cover crop and no-till practices that resulted in healthy fields that yields nutrient-dense food and regenerative agriculture practices that are being adopted around the world. Innovation and creativity at it’s finest.

The Menu

~ Paulas Orchard Peach, Maple Braised w/ Cinnamon Crème Fraishe & Rosemary-Marcona Almond Tuile

~ Tempura Fried Royal Trumpet Mushrooms Dusted w/ Rosemary-Sugar Cured Egg Yolk

~ Pecan Encrusted Quail Leg w/ Amaretto-Cinnamon-Maple Glaze

~ Tröegonator Beer & Bacon Cheese Puffs

~ Elderberry-Cognac Gazpacho w/ Pineapple-Vanilla Bean Puree & Toasted Wild Rice

~ Fresh Tomato & Sweetcorn Salad w/ Basil, Parsley, Shallots, Honey & Mascarpone

~ Pulled Bison Brisket w/ Parmesan-Herb Farro & Sriracha-Brown Butter Panko

~ Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp w/ Cognac-Peppercorn Glaze

~ Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies w/ Milk

~ Maple Angel Food Cake w/ Candied Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds

~ Apple Caramel Pie & Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

Mountain Laurel specializes in real food and event production. The food we serve is grown and prepared by hand. We utilize as many farms, markets, and orchards as possible, as well as the changing seasons to craft each individual menu and align our client’s tastes with their occasion and personalities. We’re passionate about using responsible and sustainable products and practices.

Our team of expert chefs, lead by Executive Chef Pat Combs, created a menu aligned with America250’s pillars -

For this commemoration, we are committed to involving as many Americans as possible, from every background and every community.” And it was an absolute hit.

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