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Catch up with the Community Development Department!

We recently created and have been working hard to grow our Community Development Department! Director of Community Development, Jenn Adams; and Tyler Barr (Director of Operations); have been stepping outside of the world of catering and events to find new ways to collaborate with local organizations.

The first week of May, Tyler and Jenn taught multiple evening classes about their personal career journeys; and discussed what it is like working in food service for the Harrisburg Valley Youth House teens.

Program Coordinator Daniel Weiss said “Valley Youth House is excited to develop a deeper connection with Mountain Laurel Catering. The opportunities for our youth to gain Life Skills are tremendous."

We will also be sponsoring Inclusion Festival; held July 14-16 in Kempton, PA. This is a part of Accessible Festivals, a non-profit dedicated to making music and recreation available to all people. You can find more at Inclusion Festival: a sensory-friendly music and wellness festival for ALL and be sure to look for Jenn, Tyler, and other MLCE employees at our booth.

As a Competitive Integrated Employer (CIE), Mountain Laurel believes employees of all abilities should be celebrated and given the assistance needed to work to their fullest potential. Jenn is currently the point person for our CIE employees during their shifts, and the department is currently in talks with local organizations to continue to grow the CIE program.

Watch for more updates from the Community Development Department as they continue to partner with organizations within the greater Harrisburg area. We’re always looking for ways to give back; if you have an idea or a connection- pass it along to Jenn at

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