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Pumpkin-Gruyere Fondue Recipe

Fall is calling! Try this yummy dip at your next get together and you're sure to be a hit. This dip goes fast during cocktail hour and we've had many guests ask us for the recipe. So the wait is over! Get cooking.



Whole Pumpkin 1 Ea.

Pumpkin Puree 4 Cups

White Wine 1 Cup

Heavy Cream 1 Quart

Cream Cheese 3 #

Gruyere 2 Cups

Yellow Onion 2 Cups

Minced Garlic 2 TBSP

Pumpkin Pie Spice 1 TBSP

Maple Sugar 4 TBSP

Butter 4 TBSP

Salt n’ Peppa To Taste


- Remove stem from pumpkin, split from top to bottom in one line to give a solid cut-side to sit on. Scoop out guts/ seeds.

Place on parchment lines sheet tray and bake at 350°F till tender.

- Bring out of the oven and allow to rest but not completely. While this happens you will see the peel peel off like paper. Remove then puree, cool, store.

- Add butter to medium heat sauté pan and brown the butter for about a minuet or till it becomes tan in color.

- Sautee the garlic for 1 minuet.

- Add onions and continue to sweat them for about 3 minutes, or till translucent, do not caramelize, You may need to lower the heat a little.

- Add the dry spices and maple syrup, stir and continue to cook for 1 minuet.

- Deglaze with white wine, condense till about dry, turn heat to low.

- Add the remaining ingredients. Continue to cook at low while stirring occasionally to ensure not scorching.

- Taste/ adjust.

- To bake – transfer dip add to oil coated baking pan and cook at 350°F for able ten minutes or till golden brown on top. I suggest rotating about halfway through.

- Enjoy!

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