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When Should You Book Your Wedding Caterer?

Engagement season is upon us. Between the months of November and February, the wedding industry sees a spike in proposals and an influx of inquires. It is important to research and book specific vendors earlier than others. Venues, caterers, wedding planners, etc. can only handle a limited amount of weddings each weekend. Waiting to book those could be a huge mistake as favorites fill their calendars quickly.

With the recent increase in our inquiries - we recommend having your caterer booked at least eight months before the big day. Potentially even earlier if you have a wedding in September, October, May or June! Read more below.

Which Vendors Should You Book First?

Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a large task. The stress that comes with the many decisions is a piece that many couples choose to avoid by booking a wedding planner. Not only do they help you do the lengthy research, but they also help ensure that you get your vendors booked on time. An experienced wedding planner also has the inside scoop on the best in the industry. They've seen vendors execute a wedding day time and time again and they know who does it right.

We love working with -

  • Sapphire Roads

  • Taryn Blake Events

  • MX2 Events

  • That's It! Wedding Concepts

  • And more!

Wedding Venue

There are certain months that are more popular than others for weddings. If you find a venue that feels right - don't wait! Especially if you're getting married in the fall or spring. Here are some of our favorites -

  • Historic Acres of Hershey

  • The Farm at Eagles Ridge

  • The Booking House

  • Historic Shady Lane

  • Historic Ashland

  • And more!


Food is one thing that guests will remember about a wedding. Similar to the above, fall and spring wedding dates book up quickly. We would recommend reaching out to a few caterers and setting up tastings about one and a half years out to the big day. And we'd recommend locking your caterer in no later than eight months before the wedding day. We may be biased, but our reviews don't lie! Reach out today for a custom quote.

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