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Chasing Cheese Dreams: Jake's Journey to Norway

Meet our Cheese Monger; Jake Heller...

Jake is a Cheese Enthusiast working at Downtown Cheese and makes cheese at Perrystead Dairy in Philadelphia, PA.

And he's heading to Trondheim, Norway to compete in the 2023 Young Cheesemonger Of The Year competition on October 27th!

The competition is held by The Cheese Academy as part of the annual World of Cheese Awards- and it's a big deal!

Six young mongers from around the world will go head to head in four rounds of cheesy challenges :

  • Round One: Discuss their cheeseboard selection

  • Round Two: Demonstrate their ‘Cut & Wrap’ skills cutting & wrapping different cheeses

  • Round Three: Identify different cheeses using SATC model

  • Round Four: Take part in MasterRind – a quiz about cheese from around the world.

Jake is the only competitor there from the USA (Philly!), and when he gets home we’re going to throw one gouda party.

Stay tuned for more info on how to watch the competition and how to cheer him on with us!

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